Monday, April 23, 2007

Mimio Training

So our 'pros' are Terri, Nicky, Heeni, Mary, Dionne, Simon, Rawinia, Br David and Ang - well not really the princess - she was listening in from the background. It seems everyone is very excited about using this fab new tool in their classrooms. I look forward to lots of evidence being posted here soon team!

Also, remember that the Mimio trainers are happy to come and do PD onsite, so for Hukarere, Te Aute and Hato Petera, let me know and I will put them in touch with you.

Friday, April 20, 2007

MindSpring is Live!

At last our Paerangi Cluster and school MindSpring sites are all go.

Simon, Terri and myself spent the day learning the ins and outs of our MindSpring sites. We have managed to put some links on the Paerangi home page and add a couple of notices. We also began setting up our own classes within our respective school MindSpring sites, created a resource using class server and linked it to our MindSpring class site.

We are looking forward to sharing this environment with you all very soon. So - watch this space...............

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good for your Students.

Here's another one for you paerangiict Typing

Typing Test

Hey Bloggers,

Just thought some one (paerangiict) may need a little practice.

Take a test.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


MindSpring is nearly live! (giggles with glee)...

**runs off to beat Ang to first post***

The Trees Live a little Longer...

Where do I begin? (From the beginning, one would say)

KAMAR - definately the way to go. No more paper trail.

Pastoral - 3 Different Levels (Classroom Teacher, Dean, Senior Management)

Excellent for Deans - If a student misbehaves or is doing well in class, the classroom teacher
makes a comment on the childs behaviour, the teacher also selects the consequence using KAMAR and as soon as the information is entered it is automatically sent to the Dean.

No more receiving irritating notes in your pigeon hole and having to look for a place to file them and then losing it. YAY KAMAR.

But wait there's MORE

Attendance - Great, it even calculates for you how many days the student has or hasn't attended your class at the end of the week (so you don't have to be a mathmetician)

Timetable - You know it can be a HOHA, but if you have a good tutu, it's all good.

As like everything it's hard at the beginning but there is a LIGHT at the end of the Tunnel.

We are still learning about it.

Oh one more thing, you can even import student photos (Great for New Teachers)

Ang showed me how to use the Markbook (ngawari as)

Okay, that's it.

Kapa Haka Series - Te Matatini 2007

Kapa haka groups who competed at the recent national festival in Palmerston North can view their performance in its entirety in Maori Television’s performing arts slot TOI WHAKAARI from Monday April 16 at 5.30 PM.

The half-hour programme will screen not four but five times a week – Monday to Friday – and will showcase some 30 teams who vied for top honours at Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival 2007 in February.

New Zealand’s national indigenous channel filmed all the performances from this year’s premier traditional Maori performing arts event.

East Coast kapa haka group Whangara Mai Tawhiti won the supreme award followed by Te Waka Huia, Opotiki Mai Tawhiti, Ruatahuna Kakahu Mauku, Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Tauira Mai Tawhiti.

The new season of TOI WHAKAARI will feature:

Te Waka Huia (Tamaki-maukau-rau) – Monday April 16 at 5.30 PM

Te Whanau-a-Apanui (Mataatua) – Tuesday April 17 at 5.30 PM

Te Matapihi (Aotea) – Wednesday April 18 at 5.30 PM

Tu Te Manawa Maurea (Te Tairawhiti) – Thursday April 19 at 5.30 PM

Taniwharau (Tainui) – Friday April 20 at 5.30 PM

Ngati Poneke YMC (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) – Monday April 23 at 5.30 PM

Tamarau (Tainui) – Tuesday April 24 at 5.30 PM

Te Iti Kahurangi (Tainui) – Thursday April 26 at 5.30 PM

Te Kotahitanga o Nga Tai e Rua (Waitaha) – Friday April 27 at 5.30 PM

Rongomai (Te Arawa) – Monday April 30 at 5.30 PM

Nga Taonga Mai Tawhiti (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) – Tuesday May 1 at 5.30 PM

Te Huinga Waka (Whenua Moemoea) – Wednesday May 2 at 5.30 PM

Nga Tumanako (Tamaki-makau-rau) – Thursday May 3 at 5.30 PM

Timatanga (Te Taitokerau) – Friday May 4 at 5.30 PM

Hatea (Te Taitokerau) – Monday May 7 at 5.30 PM

Te Taurapa o te Waka a Maui (Te Puka a Maui) – Tuesday May 8 at 5.30 PM

Opotiki Mai Tawhiti (Mataatua) – Wednesday May 9 at 5.30 PM

Tamatea Arikinui (Ngati Kahungunu) – Thursday May 10 at 5.30 PM

Te Whanau o te Kura (Rangitane) – Friday May 11 at 5.30 PM

Tauira Mai Tawhiti (Mataatua) – Monday May 14 at 5.30 PM

Te Rerenga Kotuku (Ngati Kahungunu) – Tuesday May 15 at 5.30 PM

Te Roopu Manutaki (Tamaki-makau-rau) – Wednesday May 16 at 5.30 PM

Nga Kohikohinga (Te Taitokerau) – Thursday May 17 at 5.30 PM

Tu Te Maungaroa (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) – Friday May 18 at 5.30 PM

Te Reanga Morehu o Ratana (Aotea) – Monday May 21 at 5.30 PM

Te Manu Huia (Tamaki-makau-rau) – Tuesday May 22 at 5.30 PM

Ruatahuna Kakahu Mauku (Mataatua) – Wednesday May 23 at 5.30 PM

Whatukura (Te Tauihu o te Waka a Maui) – Thursday May 24 at 5.30 PM

Whangara Mai Tawhiti (Te Tairawhiti) – Friday May 25 at 5.30 PM

Witness Maori performing arts at its best with all the performances from Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival 2007 only on TOI WHAKAARI screening on Maori Television every weeknight from Monday April 16 at 5.30 PM.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Smartboard Special from Asnet

Please visit this link to see the latest Smartboard special from Asnet. If you need to log in to PBWiki, the password is paerangi.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

smart boards

Would anyone like to share how they are using their Mimio's or Smart Boards?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New pictures

I've finally downloaded some photos from the Rotorua conference. The quality isn't that good (of the inside ones anyway...)as they were done on my phone. More to come soon - Enjoy!

Click here to view

Thursday, April 5, 2007

MOE Letter

Hi Everyone
Just to let you all know that the MOE have responded to our Milestone 1 Report. Nancy Groh congratulates you all on an enthusiastic start to the ICT PD contract, and a strong level of involvement from all the cluster schools. An ongoing commitment to achieving our cluster goals will ensure the project has positive outcomes for all our staff and students. As you all know our cluster management team, project director and lead teachers all play a crucial role in leading the implementation of the programme. A very BIG thank you to our fabulous lead teachers. You are all doing a wonderful job.

PD with Princess

Hi bloggers,

I "believe it or not" have had a lot of PD with Ang this week. I've learnt how to add music to a Powerpoint (with out pushing "view slide show" and pushing "play" on the CD player).

I know how to Merge Mail. How great is that.

Oh I also know how to capture video clips, but still to learn how to edit.

I now have my webcam and have been playing with it. (Yes I have been working aswell).

Busy, busy, busy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

VC Hui - Tuesday 3rd April

We had our 2nd meeting via video conference yesterday morning with participants from Turakina, Hato Paora (once I could get there!) and Hato Petera. Pa Tihirau and Brother David - I think a McDonalds breakfast is in order for the next meet! :)

Angelas introduced the subject of Wikis, in particular and how they can help us to share and edit information. The difference between wikis and blogspots is that a Wiki enables you to invite people to edit your post (useful if perhaps you want students to contribute to, say, speech writing) and a blog is more of a diary.
It was discussed that perhaps future meetings will be in the afternoons and watch this space for confirmation! (You'll be emailed as well).

Last evening was the meeting via Skype (If you haven't got it - get it! The link is on the right) and because a farewell was happening (quite a late one I hear) and the TakingITGlobal video competition was discussed. This was a competition where schools submit, through any medium they like, a presentation on how they use technology. It was decided that it might be too late for us to enter so ideas for future online videos were discussed and information on this will be forthcoming.

Obviously, there will be no VC sessions until Term Two, but a Skpye meeting for lead teachers is still on for the 17th of April (No session next week).

I will be posting next week a tutorial on Wiki's, and other relevant documentation.

Important Notice!
Please check your emails for the message from Les of Mindspring - this is all happening in Term Two. He requires a couple of files from each of the schools. If you are not sure how to do this email me -

Have a good holiday and think of me while I'm on the coast fishing this weekend!


Okay let me see how you do this. Yes you are right paerangiict it is easy to insert an image. I thought because you went to the left "to the left to the left" lol, I'd go to the right.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Uploading Pictures

It's easy to upload pictures onto this blog. Just be sure to resize them!
I find that a photo with a width of around 250 pixels is enough.

I'll soon find out when this gets posted!I have uploaded this photo and the Blog window asked where I would like to align it on the page. In this case I chose "left" and the text should wrap around the photo...

Unit standards

Can someone help me with activities for the Maori Unit standards?