Saturday, October 6, 2007


I can't believe it...

You lot are going to be the death of me. I've finally relented and entered something into my Bebo that I created in August (so i could see what all the fuss was...). Who actually has their profile public? Hmm?

Any way...the conference was great in my opinion. Keynote speakers Ewan McIntosh and Tony Ryan gave some really thought provoking ideas (who is going to try the "pen in the teeth" on Monday morning?) and the trade exhibition wasn't too bad either. I'm sure I won the Toshiba pen count (thanks Terri!). Although I PROBABLY won't be using cellphones in class any time soon, the thought is out there and I can see where this would benefit further down the track (perhaps we could convince the boss to provide teacher cell phones?).

Looking forward to implementing new thoughts and sharing them with my work colleagues to ultimately benefit our kids - all systems, full steam ahead!!!

Out the back of Kainga 8. Bit of money in that vacant land!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Aucks - check us out

Right - I"'ve never seen the tops come off so fast" quote of the week Simon!
Where are we? We were at all the break outs of course!
We've learnt sooooo much.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors, me (Kathy) who should have started this blog but gate crashed Terris - The organisers of ICTPD, God, my parents, my mokopuna for allowing me to leave them in hawkes bay with their koro, my dad, who wanted me to stay in Edgecumbe, of course Arnold who I gave all the time to and left him at home... now he's in Edgecumbe with my dad... I'd like to thank Sarah...Terri...Ang of course...Dawn (Hmm) who suggested we gather pens to equip our classes for term 4, Simon for flying off into the casino, Rawinia whose flying off down to the 'sunny' hawkes bay - and Takapau for having her, Hato Petera for not! I'd like to thank Sky City for their food - NOT!!! My neice for coffee - Yes! The flax bushes we're raiding for our own BREAK OUT on Friday at H.P and not the computing kind! Last but not least my Maori side for the only comment in Maori - Ka Kite see you at the table somewhere tonight!!!!