Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What you've been up to

Hi everybody!
Let me first to say "sayonara" to Ang - who by now will be in Australia ready for her new job! I have taken over as the project facilitator and will have the usual support and backing from Dawn and Brother David as co-project leaders.


What I need from you all (its been too quiet in here!) is - what have you been doing? How have you been implementing ICT (however big or small) into your everyday teaching life?
What are your experiences? How are the students responding? Post it in here and save yourself the hassle when the milestone report becomes due (next month!!!).
I'll put ours up over the next couple of days..

Finally, those that have been chewing at the bit for Scholaris - the light is at the end of the tunnel and we hope to be live very very shortly. I will keep you posted every few days.
There will be more PD sessions and video conferencing inter-department meetings from next week so make sure you check your emails!


Simon Green
Hato Paora College

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Kathy@TA said...

Well, finally after resetting my password... Anyway I've been doing the old fashioned 'reading' bit because I had been missing some things that were going on because I couldn't see the print - thanks to $2 shop glasses its now all good.

Thanks Simon for contacting me today after my email. All good now! I've yet to see Sarah for feedback - do asap.

Well that's it for now - but I want to post a MARVIN blog so you can reply to it as I need help...